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Shopping for natural gas appliances?

Making the right choices when considering a new natural gas appliance can be challenging. That's why we created this website - to help answer your questions and to offer you some practical, affordable solutions.

Terasen Gas Qualified DealerI'm Chris Bridgeman, owner of Homeglow Heat Products, and I've been serving satisfied customers in Victoria BC since 1983. With 30 years in the plumbing and gas industry, I'm confident that I can help you with all your gas heating needs.

Whether it's an appliance purchase such as fireplaces or furnaces, repair, conversion to natural gas, maintenance or information about Fortis Gas  I'm here to help you!

Ultra Gas Furnaces

97% AFUE Two Stage - Variable Speed

What are the benefits of American Standard Ultra Gas Furnaces?

Furnaces are measured using AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the AFUE rating the more energy efficient your system is and the lower your energy costs will be.

The American Standard 95.1% efficiency furnace will deliver years of warmth and comfort. Compare this to an older furnace with a rating of 60% efficiency, you will be getting a return on your investment with lower utility bills for years ahead with a new 95.1% efficient furnace.

This American Standard furnace is one of the most efficient gas furnaces available today. Besides energy savings, this furnace qualifies for maximum grants currently being offered by the BC and Federal governments under the LiveSmart and ecoEnergy programs for home improvement.

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  • Two stage furnaces operate like two separate furnaces to maintain a more consistent comfort level throughout your home.
  • During the first stage, which is about 80% of the time, the unit will use about 68% of its heating capacity.
  • Two Stage, variable-speed systems will always start in the first stage and attempt to meet the heating demand.
  • Reduced capacity, efficiently warming your home on mild winter days.
  • When temperatures drop the furnace automatically adjusts itself and enters the second stage to meet increased heating demand.
  • The temperature in your home will only vary a couple of degrees and you will experience quiet comfort.
  • Improved air filtration is delivered with two stage variable speed so you'll breathe a lot easier.
  • The unique variable speed motor improves humidity control and operates quietly. In fact, in most installations it is practically silent.
  • The variable speed also allows the motor to ramp up gently eliminating uncomfortable temperature swings.
  • Designed for upflow applications.
Call Chris today at 250 382-0889 or 250 727-1228

Homeglow can serve Canadian customers only

Homeglow can serve Canadian customers only.

Here are some examples of the features and services that we offer:
  • Sales, installation and servicing of residential heating and air cleaning equipment.
  • Private display studio featuring a wide selection of working gas fireplaces and stoves. Book an appointment to view by calling us at 250 382-0889. You'll enjoy the uninterrupted opportunity to see and examine some of the very best units available.
  • Innovative Package Pricing Specials for savings and convenience.
  • Oil tank replacement: We can help with the removal of your oil tank and conversion to Natural Gas
  • Comprehensive and affordable maintenance programs and 24 hour emergency service.
  • We're an Approved Dealer for American Standard, Envirogas, Majestic Vermont Castings, Napoleon and many other leading brands.
  • Free quotation at your home or place of business, including Saturdays and evenings.
  • We're registered as a Qualified Dealer with Fortis Gas, fully bonded with the Provincial Gas Safety Branch, and licensed within all Greater Victoria municipalities.
  • Proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

Think Homeglow Heat Products when you think Natural Gas

AccuCleanTM Whole Home Air Filtration System

With AccuCleanTM, you get up to 99.98% cleaner air - and so much more!
AccuCleanTM is 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room appliance and 100 times more effective than a standard 1" throwaway filter.
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Allergic? Breathe easy!

While we're installing your new furnace, why not include a HONEYWELL ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANER at the same time. It fits right into your duct system and removes dust, pollen and dander for year round allergy relief. And the cost? ONLY $775 + GST

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Furnace Controls

If your old furnace thermostat is not suitable or is in poor condition we will simply change it for a standard on/off type without charge.

If you already have a heat programmer we will try to make it work with your new furnace although often they are not always compatible with the electronics of newer equipment.

Programmers come in many forms and standards but we prefer to stay with the quality of the tried and true known brands which we know will work with the higher efficiency furnaces.

A budget cost for such an item is approximately $98 + GST but can be a bit more depending on requirements.

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Oil Tank vs. Home Insurance Rates

Have you heard from your insurance company lately? Many homeowners are being notified that their premiums are going to increase if they don't remove or replace their old oil tanks!

Today may well be the ideal time to consider changing to Natural Gas.

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Package Pricing

We've searched the market to find the best gas equipment at the best prices, then packaged them for even more savings!
It's the convenient way to purchase the gas appliances you need, bundled under one low price!

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Note on Pricing:
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